All the information on this website is intended to provide you with an overview about how Georgia bankruptcy works. The information on the site is meant to show you what you can expect when you file. Each case is different. The only way to know for certain which option is right for you is to talk to Mark.

You can get the expert advice you need based on your personal financial situation with our no-obligation free initial Georgia bankruptcy consultation.

During your free initial Georgia bankruptcy consultation you will have the opportunity to ask questions that are directly related to your circumstances. To get the most out of your free initial Georgia bankruptcy consultation you will want to bring the following items:

  • Proof of Income for the past 6 months– Paystubs, record of bonuses, tips, commissions, child support, alimony, unemployment income, social security payments, retirement or pension income, interest, dividends, income from a business you own, and any other source of income you receive for the past six months.

  • Financial Records – bank or credit union statements for the past 3 months.

  • Income Tax Returns for the past two years

  • List of Household Expenses – Your mortgage or rent, utility bills, household maintenance, cable or satellite television, telephone, medical, dental, transportation, child support, pet care, and any other expenses you pay out each month.

  • Account Statements – Any loans including credit cards, auto loans, personal loans, and furniture loans.

  • Property Documents  – Your investments which include stocks, mutual funds, IRA’s, 401K, or real property like a second home in your name that has no mortgage lien attached to it.

Free initial Georgia bankruptcy consultation

This information will provide Mark with a clear picture of your financial obligations and allow him to guide you to the best solution. Take advantage of this free initial Georgia bankruptcy consultation by contacting the Law Offices of Mark A. Bandy, P.C. now! You have nothing to lose, but your debt.



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