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Divorces are unfortunate events for all involved.

No one enters into a marriage thinking that a divorce will result. However, divorce is a reality. Our firm will be an advocate for you, clarifying for you the steps involved in divorce and insuring that you receive the best possible outcome.

Family law allows you to find the right solutions for sometimes challenging issues.

In Georgia, the petitioner files for divorce, whereas the person who responds is called the Respondent. In ideal circumstances, a well-managed divorce will result with the help of an experienced attorney like Mark A. Bandy. Our firm can help smooth out the problems that may lead to a contested divorce, leading to a conclusion that fits the goals of our client. Even if a divorce is likely to be uncontested, legal counsel is still strongly advised in order to get the most optimal results.

In some instances of family law, domestic circumstances arise that require physical separation. When violence or threats enter into a relationship, there is no room to risk your safety. It’s time to know the ins and outs of getting a restraining order filed.

In addition it is sometimes necessary to resolve disputes over property division, child custody, alimony/spousal support, and other issues. It is crucial to know how to navigate of Georgia’s child support payment laws to form positive outcomes.

Ensuring your rights are protected means you have the ability to effectively provide for your children.

We initiate the process by assessing our clients’ goals. Your goals are our goals and we will work diligently to get the results that lead to a better future for you and your family.

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