Personal Injury

Personal Injury Law

Accidents happen and sometimes those accidents can have serious repercussions to those involved.

When someone else is at fault, it is critical that you take the necessary actions to insure that you are justly compensated and made whole by the individual or entity responsible for the harm to you.

Our firm will ensure that you are not abused by the lawyers and insurance companies on the other side. In your personal injury case will use the necessary legal tools to maximize the recovery to which you are entitled.

Personal injury law covers a variety of areas. This can range from vehicular, medical, and product liability to overtime pay, workers compensation, and wrongful death. Usually a personal injury case can either result in a court case or an out of court settlement.

A personal injury places physical, financial and emotional stress on an individual and their family. Our firm is prepared to answer the myriad of questions that an individual will most likely have following an incident or injury. Our firm will act promptly to make sure an individual’s case is handled properly and professionally. This ensures the maximum compensation possible can be acquired from each case.

It is vitally important for those who have suffered any type of personal injury to be treated fairly. Dealing with insurance companies on both sides of a case requires a lawyer with knowledge and perseverance. In many cases insurance companies are prepared to delay an individuals case to ensure that they are not fairly compensated. This can drastically reduce the emotional and economic recovery an individual needs to move forward with their life. Working with our firm means an individual will reduce their chances of being a victim of this process. In any event that may occur, the Law Offices of Mark A. Bandy, P.C. are on your side.

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